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Tea for Two

January 12, 2015  •  4 Comments

Well, my sweet baby turned five and we celebrated with a Tea for Two party. All of our little guests were invited to bring their baby dolls with them to the party.  We had so much fun!!!  The girls were the sweetest with their dolls...the dolls enjoyed cookies and tea while the girls picked their favorites from a pink and gold spread of tea treats which included pink chocolate covered strawberries, fairy bites, hand-painted cookies, cake and ice cream, pb&j sandwiches, pink tea and pink hot chocolate (yes, pink hot chocolate...recipe below).  

I am always amazed at the talented vendors out there that help me pull these parties together...I have made some great friends over the years and I love the creative process of planning all of these details with each of you. I always like to say thank you and share your fabulousness with friends and family!!!  So, here are some party pics and a list of some of my favorite vendors!  

PS: Since there are so many, give it a few minutes to load before you scroll!

tea_party_illustration_pinktea_party_illustration_pinkGorgeous watercolor for our invitation by Emily McLain

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A special thank you to some super talented folks!  Look them up, they are all amazing!

  • Cake: Carol Fanning
  • Cookies: Palestine Painted Cookie
  • Pottery painting/teacups: Wonderfully Made-Morgan Bailey Jay
  • Catering: Amy's Place (Philadelphia)
  • Flowers: Uptown Flowers
  • Watercolor Illustration for Invites: Emily McLain
  • Party Décor: Shop Sweet Lulu, CakeGirls, and a local craft store
  • Teacups and Teapots: Every antique store and flea market in the state of Mississippi...just kidding, but it was more of a hunt than expected!  A few borrowed pieces from family members, and a few hand-painted pieces to finish it off! 
  • The doll chairs were purchased unfinished here and then I spray painted them to match. 
  • The doll party hats were from an Etsy vendor and I crafted the big girl hats. (purchased plain party hats and added ribbon and pom poms to match the party colors).
  • The tiered teapot stand were a community effort!  I purchased the hardware on etsy and Morgan and I painted the pieces and then her sweet dad drilled the holes and we assembled. I was so pleased with how they turned out!  Tutorial here.

Two new menu items that I tried (they were both crowd favorites):

  • Pink Hot Chocolate {link here}.  I also added about 6 tbsp. of Nesquick on the fly because I am just a crazy good chef like that (LOL).
  • Fairy Bites {link here}

And yes, that is edible glitter on the strawberries and various other items (I used a whole bottle...again, culinary skills are unmatched). You can purchase it here if you want to put it in your cereal everyday or whatever!

That's all of the details I can remember at this point, but I am still in a fog after this party...maybe next year we need to have a party at the movie theater...that sure sounds easier!  If you guys have any questions, let me know!  It's always easier when someone shares details...makes things easier to find sometimes! 

I loved this girly girl party!  I am so thankful that my baby girl will still play along with all of these fun little girl themes!  All of her little friends were just the sweetest with their babies!  It was so precious and so worth all of the planning!  I'm off to enjoy a piece of leftover birthday cake!  Enjoy!!!




Amanda Reed(non-registered)
This was such a beautiful celebration for a very precious little girl. It is awesome that you will all cherish these memories forever!
Tammy Ferguson(non-registered)
Oh how I wish I was Reese's age! I didn't think you could top the mermaid party but this was fabulous! Enjoyed the pictures and Happy Birthday, Reese!
Amanda Holloway(non-registered)
Oh. My. Goodness!!! How Precious! I am actually in the process of planning a party for my soon-to-be one year old in the same color scheme. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and giving me great ideas!
Ashley Hunter(non-registered)
You are so talented. I would never come up with all of this!! Just beautiful and so much fun!! Just precious!!
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