Candace McKay Image & Design: Blog en-us (C) Candace McKay Image & Design [email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Mon, 02 May 2022 19:37:00 GMT Mon, 02 May 2022 19:37:00 GMT Kennedy is 6...A Magical Birthday! Our first birthday party since Covid and it had to be magical!  My girl loves unicorns and asked for a Unicorn Tea Party!  Here are a few snaps from our special day!



4E50FDE3-3ABC-41E9-8F46-5671861814214E50FDE3-3ABC-41E9-8F46-567186181421 AC773B67-2CB7-4DBF-B965-8C6590DDADFEAC773B67-2CB7-4DBF-B965-8C6590DDADFE BF95D3AD-46BD-4EF9-8FF9-AD5937CD5459BF95D3AD-46BD-4EF9-8FF9-AD5937CD5459 C8A1A1EE-D7F0-4BA1-8DA3-69E4A934415AC8A1A1EE-D7F0-4BA1-8DA3-69E4A934415A DSC_1682DSC_1682 DSC_1684DSC_1684 DSC_1687DSC_1687 DSC_1688DSC_1688 DSC_1695DSC_1695 DSC_1697DSC_1697 DSC_1698DSC_1698 DSC_1700DSC_1700 DSC_1706DSC_1706 DSC_1707DSC_1707 DSC_1716DSC_1716 DSC_1719DSC_1719 DSC_1724DSC_1724 DSC_1725DSC_1725 DSC_1727DSC_1727 DSC_1729DSC_1729 DSC_1732DSC_1732 DSC_1733DSC_1733 DSC_1739DSC_1739 DSC_1742DSC_1742 DSC_1751DSC_1751 DSC_1758DSC_1758 DSC_1762DSC_1762 DSC_1766DSC_1766 DSC_1767DSC_1767 DSC_1768DSC_1768 DSC_1772DSC_1772 DSC_1780DSC_1780 EB426A80-4C29-4ADE-AD2A-5821EFE5CB2EEB426A80-4C29-4ADE-AD2A-5821EFE5CB2E 174BC1F8-04DA-40A9-A21A-591124FFFFC4174BC1F8-04DA-40A9-A21A-591124FFFFC4 6AF68B85-C4BF-4498-8679-E42B9646E0886AF68B85-C4BF-4498-8679-E42B9646E088 kennedy 6 - Copykennedy 6 - Copy

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Birthday Kennedy magical six unicorn Mon, 02 May 2022 19:37:15 GMT
Disney 2021: Kennedy turns 5! After two cancelled trips and a year and a half of covid, we finally made it to the happiest place on Earth to celebrate Kennedy's 5th birthday!  It was MAGICAL!!!!

DSC_0088DSC_0088 DSC_0106DSC_0106 DSC_0112DSC_0112 DSC_0132DSC_0132 DSC_0145DSC_0145 DSC_0191DSC_0191 DSC_0233DSC_0233 DSC_0235DSC_0235 DSC_0263DSC_0263 DSC_0295DSC_0295 DSC_0354DSC_0354 DSC_0363DSC_0363 DSC_0373DSC_0373 DSC_0374DSC_0374 DSC_0405DSC_0405 DSC_0531DSC_0531 DSC_0382DSC_0382 DSC_0383DSC_0383 DSC_0426DSC_0426 DSC_0431DSC_0431 DSC_0641e2DSC_0641e2 Photo Apr 25, 3 48 53 PMPhoto Apr 25, 3 48 53 PM Photo Apr 25, 3 58 51 PMPhoto Apr 25, 3 58 51 PM Photo Apr 25, 4 10 10 PMPhoto Apr 25, 4 10 10 PM Photo Apr 26, 6 52 42 AMPhoto Apr 26, 6 52 42 AM Photo Apr 26, 7 32 29 PMPhoto Apr 26, 7 32 29 PM Photo Apr 27, 1 22 01 PMPhoto Apr 27, 1 22 01 PM Photo Apr 28, 2 27 44 PMPhoto Apr 28, 2 27 44 PM Photo Apr 28, 5 50 24 PMPhoto Apr 28, 5 50 24 PM Photo Apr 28, 6 23 08 PMPhoto Apr 28, 6 23 08 PM Photo Apr 28, 8 45 48 AMPhoto Apr 28, 8 45 48 AM Photo Apr 28, 8 51 33 PMPhoto Apr 28, 8 51 33 PM Photo Apr 29, 8 17 44 AMPhoto Apr 29, 8 17 44 AM Photo Apr 29, 8 35 45 AMPhoto Apr 29, 8 35 45 AM Photo Apr 29, 9 04 31 AMPhoto Apr 29, 9 04 31 AM

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Reese is 10 Can’t believe my sweet girl turned 10 this weekend! She asked for a DONUT party.  We added a photo booth so the girls could take some fun selfies in their party dresses.  I added an extra surprise for her and her sweet friends and luckily the stormy weather cleared out just in time! 


Wanted to share a few party pics (please give them a few minutes to load)!


CMC_5574CMC_5574 CMC_5588CMC_5588 CMC_5591CMC_5591 CMC_5593CMC_5593 CMC_5595CMC_5595 CMC_5596CMC_5596 CMC_5597CMC_5597 CMC_5598CMC_5598 CMC_5599CMC_5599 CMC_5602CMC_5602 CMC_5613CMC_5613 CMC_5614CMC_5614 CMC_5617CMC_5617 CMC_5618CMC_5618 CMC_5622CMC_5622 CMC_5624CMC_5624 CMC_5633CMC_5633 CMC_5628CMC_5628 CMC_5634CMC_5634 CMC_5635CMC_5635 CMC_5650CMC_5650 CMC_5656CMC_5656 CMC_5653CMC_5653 CMC_5657CMC_5657 CMC_5659CMC_5659 CMC_5663CMC_5663 CMC_5664CMC_5664 CMC_5665CMC_5665 CMC_5668CMC_5668 CMC_5671CMC_5671 CMC_5674CMC_5674 CMC_5676CMC_5676


IMG_1619IMG_1619 IMG_8281IMG_8281

The girls had an amazing Scavenger Hunt around town and they loved it!

A special thank you to: 

Kademi, Old Mexico, WHOC Radio Station, Sonic, the Ellis Theater and the Depot!





A special thank you to some fantastic vendors:

The Prickly Hippie-cake and fabulous “boho donuts”

City Donuts-wonderful assortment of donuts

Beason Dairy farm-milk and chocolate milk


[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) 10 birthday Candace Donut limo McKay Mississippi party photographer year Mon, 13 Jan 2020 20:55:14 GMT
Hear Ye, Hear Ye...Kennedy is Three! Our tiny princess has been in love with Cinderella since our visit to Disney last year.  When I asked what she wanted her birthday party to be, she exclaimed…CINDERELLA!  When I sat down and really listened to the “A Dream is a Wish” lyrics, I knew that this was the party for us this year!  So many emotions when the last baby turns three…no more babies in the house.  A lot of heart went into this one as we celebrated such a special time in this little one’s life.  Sweet memories…here are some highlights from her special day…

Invitev2Invitev2 Invitev22Invitev22 Invitev23Invitev23 Invitev24Invitev24

CMC_9966CMC_9966 CMC_9974CMC_9974 CMC_9976CMC_9976 CMC_9984CMC_9984 CMC_9988CMC_9988 CMC_9989CMC_9989 CMC_9997CMC_9997 CMC_0007CMC_0007 CMC_0023CMC_0023 CMC_0028CMC_0028 CMC_0034CMC_0034 CMC_0042CMC_0042 CMC_0043CMC_0043 CMC_0050CMC_0050 CMC_0052CMC_0052 CMC_0054CMC_0054 CMC_0059CMC_0059 CMC_0063CMC_0063 CMC_0064CMC_0064 CMC_0066CMC_0066 CMC_0077CMC_0077 CMC_0099CMC_0099 CMC_0105CMC_0105 CMC_0171CMC_0171 CMC_0179CMC_0179 CMC_0187CMC_0187 CMC_0190CMC_0190 CMC_0196CMC_0196 CMC_0235CMC_0235 CMC_0239CMC_0239 CMC_0249CMC_0249 CMC_0251CMC_0251 CMC_0262CMC_0262

A special thank you to some wonderfully talented folks:

Cake: When it Really Matters-Edible Art by Natali

Cookies: Deep South Sweets

Napkins, Cups and Balloons: Custom design by Natalie Chang

Cinderella's Royal Table wands and swords: All the way from Cinderella's Castle at Disney World...lovingly gifted by friends from their Disney trips!

Thank you to our Royal guest, Cinderella, for stopping by!

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Birthday Cinderella Mississippi Party Princess Mon, 29 Apr 2019 16:35:45 GMT
Reese is 9: Painting in the Land of Sweets Such a sweet day to celebrate our big girl turning NINE!  I can't even believe it!!!

A special thank you to: 

  • Bailey Landscape/Wonderfully Made-you made everything perfect and we appreciate you so much!
  • Carol Fanning for the gorgeous cake and cupcakes!
  • Deep South Sweets for the amazing cookies!!! 

Here we go...

Reese bday inviteReese bday invite

CMC_9140CMC_9140 CMC_9134CMC_9134 CMC_9136CMC_9136 CMC_9137CMC_9137 CMC_9140CMC_9140 CMC_9132CMC_9132 CMC_9127CMC_9127 CMC_9123CMC_9123 CMC_9121CMC_9121 CMC_9108CMC_9108 CMC_9083CMC_9083 CMC_9144CMC_9144 CMC_9145CMC_9145 CMC_9146CMC_9146 CMC_9153CMC_9153 CMC_9154CMC_9154 CMC_9158CMC_9158 CMC_9169CMC_9169 CMC_9180CMC_9180 CMC_9193CMC_9193 CMC_9143CMC_9143 CMC_9209CMC_9209 CMC_9200CMC_9200 CMC_9058CMC_9058 CMC_9060CMC_9060 CMC_9064CMC_9064 CMC_9056CMC_9056 CMC_9051CMC_9051 CMC_9048CMC_9048 CMC_9034CMC_9034 CMC_9032CMC_9032 CMC_9029CMC_9029 CMC_9216CMC_9216

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) nutcracker painting party Reese is 9 Mon, 14 Jan 2019 18:45:28 GMT
Reese is 8: American Girl CMC_9889CMC_9889 CMC_9895CMC_9895 CMC_9907CMC_9907 CMC_9912CMC_9912 CMC_9922CMC_9922 CMC_9916CMC_9916 CMC_9925CMC_9925 CMC_9929CMC_9929 CMC_9948CMC_9948 CMC_9957CMC_9957 CMC_9960CMC_9960 CMC_9955CMC_9955 CMC_9963CMC_9963 CMC_9970CMC_9970 CMC_9979CMC_9979 CMC_9928CMC_9928 CMC_0012CMC_0012 CMC_0049CMC_0049 CMC_0225CMC_0225 CMC_0129CMC_0129 CMC_0082CMC_0082 CMC_0089CMC_0089 CMC_0169CMC_0169 CMC_0185CMC_0185

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) American Girl birthday Candace McKay eight Mississippi photographer Mon, 14 Jan 2019 18:21:58 GMT
DISNEY 2018 OH, the magic of Disney!  Have I mentioned that I am available year-round for family vacations???  Here are way too many images from our trip in's just the best place to capture through the eyes of a child! 

CMC_6921CMC_6921 CMC_6829CMC_6829 CMC_6836CMC_6836 CMC_6882CMC_6882 CMC_6928CMC_6928 CMC_6804CMC_6804 CMC_6945CMC_6945 CMC_6956CMC_6956 CMC_6962CMC_6962 CMC_6965CMC_6965 CMC_6980CMC_6980 CMC_7068CMC_7068 CMC_7081CMC_7081 CMC_7102CMC_7102 CMC_7110CMC_7110 CMC_7114CMC_7114 CMC_7118CMC_7118 CMC_7199CMC_7199 CMC_7216CMC_7216 CMC_7242CMC_7242 CMC_7247CMC_7247 CMC_7254CMC_7254 CMC_7258CMC_7258 CMC_7263CMC_7263 CMC_7267CMC_7267 CMC_7273CMC_7273 CMC_7280CMC_7280 CMC_7292CMC_7292 CMC_7295CMC_7295 CMC_7380CMC_7380 CMC_7388CMC_7388 CMC_7394CMC_7394 CMC_7417CMC_7417 CMC_7426CMC_7426 CMC_7441CMC_7441 CMC_7473CMC_7473 CMC_7493CMC_7493 CMC_7527CMC_7527 CMC_7543CMC_7543 CMC_7552CMC_7552 CMC_7569CMC_7569 CMC_7599CMC_7599 CMC_7629CMC_7629 CMC_7651CMC_7651 CMC_7656CMC_7656 CMC_7713CMC_7713 CMC_7756CMC_7756 CMC_7806CMC_7806 CMC_7830CMC_7830 CMC_7846CMC_7846 CMC_7855CMC_7855 CMC_7860CMC_7860 CMC_7878CMC_7878 CMC_7935CMC_7935 CMC_7974CMC_7974 CMC_7992CMC_7992 CMC_8005CMC_8005 CMC_8118CMC_8118 CMC_8150CMC_8150 CMC_8155CMC_8155 CMC_8159CMC_8159 CMC_8170CMC_8170 CMC_8173CMC_8173 CMC_8182CMC_8182 CMC_8197CMC_8197 CMC_8199CMC_8199 CMC_8217CMC_8217 CMC_8223CMC_8223 CMC_8242CMC_8242 CMC_6814CMC_6814 CMC_8261CMC_8261 CMC_8263CMC_8263 CMC_8287CMC_8287 CMC_8308CMC_8308 CMC_8346CMC_8346 CMC_8368CMC_8368 CMC_8376CMC_8376 CMC_8385CMC_8385 CMC_8438CMC_8438 CMC_8539CMC_8539

Here are a few snapshots and memory maker shots...

IMG_7404IMG_7404 IMG_7424IMG_7424 IMG_7473IMG_7473 IMG_7491IMG_7491 IMG_7563IMG_7563 IMG_7607IMG_7607 IMG_7651IMG_7651 IMG_7658IMG_7658 IMG_7662IMG_7662 IMG_7668IMG_7668 IMG_7671IMG_7671 social++414876769524social++414876769524 social++414876819596social++414876819596 social++414876820210social++414876820210 social++414876820244social++414876820244 social++414876883005social++414876883005 social++414876883012social++414876883012 social++414878245474social++414878245474 social++414878245516social++414878245516 social++414878487756social++414878487756 social++414879472094social++414879472094 social++414881173803social++414881173803 social++414884009205social++414884009205 social++414878268765social++414878268765 social++414913826789social++414913826789 social++414913826817social++414913826817

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Candace Disney McKay Mississippi photographer princess Santa Tue, 08 Jan 2019 18:58:58 GMT
Kennedy is Two: Bonnets & Bows CMC_9262CMC_9262 CMC_9263CMC_9263 CMC_9269CMC_9269 CMC_9270CMC_9270 CMC_9272CMC_9272 CMC_9273CMC_9273 CMC_9274CMC_9274 CMC_9290CMC_9290 CMC_9295CMC_9295 CMC_9296CMC_9296 CMC_9302CMC_9302 CMC_9303CMC_9303 CMC_9304CMC_9304 CMC_9310CMC_9310 CMC_9313CMC_9313 CMC_9314CMC_9314 CMC_9348CMC_9348 CMC_9390CMC_9390 CMC_9416CMC_9416 CMC_9417CMC_9417 CMC_9444CMC_9444 CMC_9470CMC_9470 CMC_9487CMC_9487

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Mon, 07 Jan 2019 20:44:52 GMT
Holiday Ideas for 2018  

So many great ways to share your photos as gifts this holiday season!  Here are a few of my favorites!

Gift print checklist:

  • 5x7s and 8x10s prints are great framed for desks and shelves
  • Large fine art prints and canvases make wonderful centerpieces for your brings happiness all year to see our family canvases hanging in our breakfast nook!  These also make wonderful gifts for grandparents!
  • Christmas cards are a great way to let clients, family and friends know you are thinking of them!
  • Our gorgeous coffee table books are sure to be at the top of YOUR own list!  These 8x10 books are stunning and every client LOVES them!  Family heirlooms for years to come!


We have also added two new gift ideas this year!

Canvas ornaments! 

These are adorable! They come in several shapes and are printed on both sides.  Available in sets of 4 for $75



HD Video of your favorite still image! PUSH PLAY!!!!!!

Just breathtaking!  $35 for an HD file!  Can be used on your favorite device or social media.


Also, please use our MINTED site to order cards and personalized items such as custom wrapping paper using your images!  You can use photos from any session in 2018 (just email us to upload for you) or your personal photos that you can upload on your own.  Here's the link:

Here’s a coupon for 20% off of holiday cards:

And 15% off everything else:


Happy shopping!!!





[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Wed, 14 Nov 2018 03:22:13 GMT
Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Kennedy is One Our sweet little pink rainbow turned one last week!  I still can't believe it.  Just wanted to share a few pictures from her big day!  


Lots of photos to follow, so please give them a few minutes to load...


kennedy ONEkennedy ONE kennedy ONE3kennedy ONE3 kennedy ONE2kennedy ONE2

CMC_8418CMC_8418 CMC_8457CMC_8457 CMC_8464CMC_8464 CMC_8473CMC_8473 CMC_8500CMC_8500 CMC_8512CMC_8512 CMC_8519CMC_8519 CMC_8520CMC_8520 CMC_8558CMC_8558 CMC_8594CMC_8594 CMC_8597CMC_8597 CMC_8617CMC_8617 CMC_8623CMC_8623 CMC_8628CMC_8628 CMC_8632CMC_8632 CMC_8673CMC_8673 CMC_8674CMC_8674 CMC_8675CMC_8675 CMC_8693CMC_8693 CMC_8696CMC_8696 CMC_8706CMC_8706 CMC_8709CMC_8709 CMC_8715CMC_8715 CMC_8718CMC_8718 CMC_8728CMC_8728 CMC_8752CMC_8752 CMC_8764CMC_8764 CMC_8766CMC_8766 CMC_8781CMC_8781 CMC_8802CMC_8802 CMC_8807CMC_8807 CMC_8809CMC_8809 CMC_8812CMC_8812 CMC_8818CMC_8818 CMC_8823CMC_8823

kennedy ONE4kennedy ONE4


A special thank you to Carol Fanning for another gorgeous birthday cake, Claudia's Creative Cookies for the beautiful cookies, Brother and Sissy's boutique for Kennedy's special birthday dress, and Prop Shop Boutique for the perfect birthday banner and hat! 

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) baby Birthday Candace First McKay Rainbow Fri, 05 May 2017 01:12:04 GMT
Reese's Camp Glam Calling all campfire cuties!  Are you ready for an evening under the stars?  Let's go glamping, girls!

Here are way too many pics from our birthday...they may take a few minutes to load for you...


CMC_1630CMC_1630 CMC_1643CMC_1643 CMC_1653CMC_1653 CMC_1657CMC_1657 CMC_1660CMC_1660 CMC_1672CMC_1672 CMC_1674CMC_1674 CMC_1723CMC_1723 CMC_1729CMC_1729 CMC_1737CMC_1737 CMC_1746CMC_1746 CMC_1765CMC_1765 CMC_1766CMC_1766 CMC_1773CMC_1773 CMC_1774CMC_1774 CMC_1777CMC_1777 CMC_1788CMC_1788 CMC_1791CMC_1791 CMC_1793CMC_1793 CMC_1797CMC_1797 CMC_1808CMC_1808 CMC_1810CMC_1810 CMC_1811CMC_1811 CMC_1814CMC_1814 CMC_1815CMC_1815 CMC_1819CMC_1819 CMC_1826CMC_1826 CMC_1840CMC_1840 CMC_1852CMC_1852 CMC_1862CMC_1862 CMC_1865CMC_1865 CMC_1867CMC_1867 CMC_1871CMC_1871 CMC_1880CMC_1880 CMC_1881CMC_1881 CMC_1908CMC_1908 CMC_1922CMC_1922 CMC_1939CMC_1939 CMC_1944CMC_1944 CMC_1953CMC_1953 CMC_1955CMC_1955 CMC_1959CMC_1959 CMC_1961CMC_1961 CMC_1967CMC_1967 CMC_1986CMC_1986 CMC_1992CMC_1992 CMC_1997CMC_1997 CMC_1999CMC_1999 CMC_2005CMC_2005 CMC_2008CMC_2008 CMC_2013CMC_2013 CMC_2014CMC_2014 CMC_2028CMC_2028 CMC_2030CMC_2030



Venue: Bridges, The Venue {Philadelphia, Mississippi}

Cake: Carol Fanning {Brandon, Mississippi}

Cookies: Palestine Painted Cookie {Palestine, Texas}

Flowers: Uptown Flowers {Philadelphia, Mississippi}

Party Décor: Sweet Shoppe Lulu, Hobby lobby, Michael’s, Target, and AMAZON!


Menu: A Camp Glam lunch box with your choice of hot dog or PB&J or chips....and lots of assorted sweets and goodies! Of course!!!


Here's a peek at a few other parties if you love to party as much as we do... 

2016:  Reese's 6th birthday {Spa Soiree}

2015:  Reese's 5th birthday {Tea for Two}

2014:  Reese's 4th birthday {Under the Sea}

2013:  Reese's 3rd birthday {Bubblegum Boutique}

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) candace mckay glamping glamping birthday party Sun, 15 Jan 2017 21:05:14 GMT
Reese is Three: Bubblegum Boutique Here are a few pictures from Reese's third birthday party...


Reese Three webReese Three web


CMC_7450CMC_7450 CMC_7452CMC_7452 CMC_7439CMC_7439 CMC_7458CMC_7458 CMC_7470CMC_7470 CMC_7480CMC_7480 CMC_7474CMC_7474 CMC_7495CMC_7495 CMC_7496CMC_7496 CMC_7511CMC_7511 CMC_7519CMC_7519 CMC_7516CMC_7516 CMC_7523CMC_7523 CMC_7538CMC_7538 CMC_7522CMC_7522 CMC_7539CMC_7539 CMC_7546CMC_7546 CMC_7549CMC_7549 CMC_7553CMC_7553 CMC_7554CMC_7554 CMC_7557CMC_7557 CMC_7578CMC_7578 CMC_7585CMC_7585 CMC_7602CMC_7602 CMC_7615CMC_7615 CMC_7638CMC_7638 CMC_7649CMC_7649 CMC_7679CMC_7679 CMC_7682CMC_7682 CMC_7685CMC_7685 CMC_7701CMC_7701 CMC_7736CMC_7736 CMC_7737CMC_7737 CMC_7749CMC_7749

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Wed, 13 Jan 2016 18:59:14 GMT
Reese's Spa Soirée Reese's Spa Soirée

First, let me say, that I had entirely too much fun with the birthday party this year!  It just shouldn’t be allowed!  When we decided on a Glam Spa soirée, my mind started turning and turning!  Just wanted to share a few vendors with you, I know it always helps me when I have a starting point for inspiration.  Besides, these folks are the best of the best and you guys need to look them up!  

***LOTS of pics, WAY too many, so be patient while they load for you***

Spa party inviteSpa party invite CMC_2570CMC_2570 CMC_2577CMC_2577 CMC_2569CMC_2569 CMC_2594CMC_2594 CMC_2596CMC_2596 CMC_2605CMC_2605 CMC_2610CMC_2610 CMC_2613CMC_2613 CMC_2614CMC_2614 CMC_2620CMC_2620 CMC_2635CMC_2635 CMC_2641CMC_2641 CMC_2647CMC_2647 CMC_2660CMC_2660 CMC_2662CMC_2662 CMC_2670CMC_2670 CMC_2673CMC_2673 CMC_2681CMC_2681 CMC_2682CMC_2682 CMC_2691CMC_2691 CMC_2696CMC_2696 CMC_2699CMC_2699 CMC_2702CMC_2702 CMC_2713CMC_2713 CMC_2721CMC_2721 CMC_2729CMC_2729 CMC_2732CMC_2732 CMC_2750CMC_2750 CMC_2751CMC_2751 CMC_2760CMC_2760 CMC_2819CMC_2819 CMC_2826CMC_2826 CMC_2837CMC_2837 CMC_2844CMC_2844 CMC_2848CMC_2848 CMC_2853CMC_2853 CMC_2858CMC_2858 CMC_2859CMC_2859 CMC_2866CMC_2866 CMC_2875CMC_2875 CMC_2880CMC_2880 CMC_2883CMC_2883 CMC_2886CMC_2886 CMC_2889CMC_2889 CMC_2911CMC_2911 CMC_2915CMC_2915 CMC_2918CMC_2918 CMC_2922CMC_2922 CMC_2926CMC_2926 CMC_2934CMC_2934 CMC_2949CMC_2949 CMC_2962CMC_2962 CMC_2964CMC_2964 CMC_2973CMC_2973 CMC_9011CMC_9011 CMC_9015CMC_9015 posterposter

Cake: Carol Fanning {Brandon, Mississippi}

Caterer: Amy’s Place {Philadelphia, Mississippi}

Cookies: Palestine Painted Cookie {Palestine, Texas}

Cupcake toppers:

Flowers: Uptown Flowers {Philadelphia, Mississippi}

Party Décor: Sweet Shoppe Lulu, Hobby lobby, Michael’s, and Target

Party dress:

Sequin lips banner:

Cupcake flavored lip balm and lotion:


Menu: Glamburgers, Soiree Strips (chicken tenders), Mud Bath berries (chocolate covered strawberries), Pimento Puffs, Ham & Cheese sandwiches, and lots of assorted sweets and goodies!


Craft projects:

  • Tutu vanity: two coats of spray paint on my childhood vanity along with 200 yards of tulle and this little project came together quickly.

  • Mini clawfoot tub: purchased from a photography prop supplier and painted (y’all know I love pink and gold paint).

  • Hollywood mirrors: made by a friend of a friend.

  • Frou-Frou bath salt bottles: So, I found these on etsy for like $45 apiece and decided that I would just craft them at home.  I ordered the mini champagne bottles from a brewing supply company, painted them and then got out my trusty hot glue gun to finish them off with bling and feathers!  We filled them with bath salts….I wanted the girls to be able to drink from them, but after adding the details, I decided they wouldn’t hold up being washed.

  • Perfume bottle vases from new containers: I found this tutorial and modified it to use as a vase:

  • Perfume bottle vases (from old bottles):

Seriously, birthday parties are my favorite!  TOO much fun!  Here's a peek at a couple more in case you need something to do while your husbands watch the championship game tonight. 








[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) birthday candace glam mckay party photographer soiree spa Mon, 11 Jan 2016 23:21:48 GMT
Disney Christmas Vacation ***Warning...way too many pictures, so it may take a minute for them all to load.***


If you have never experienced the magic of Disney at Christmas, please add it to your bucket NOW!  I will say, it took a lot of extra effort to vacation for a week in the middle of December (work, shopping, etc. all had to be done a little earlier), BUT it was SO worth it!!!!  There is just no comparison in visiting during the holidays versus our spring time trips.  Don't get me wrong, Disney is always spectacular with attention to detail like no other, but the Christmas season just brings another experience.  Just wanted to share some of our highlights.  It always helps me plan our trip when I have someone to share their favorite stops, so maybe this will help you plan your holiday trip next year!


Christmas Season highlights:

  • Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party-MUST DO!  We loved it and MAGIC was in the air.  Literally. It was 75 degrees and snowing on Main Street. The parade was INCREDIBLE...complete with hot cocoa and cookies!
  • Visit Santa at Magic Kingdom-a special memory to make while you're here for Christmas.
  • Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios-we learned after we arrived that this is the last year for this event.  If you happen to be there in the next few weeks, be sure to check them out!  AMAZING!
  • The Candlelight Processional at Epcot-beautiful and very touching.  Celebrity narrators read the Christmas story accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra and mass choir.  Our celebrity narrator was Meredith Vieira. We absolutely loved this show!!!
  • Resort hop to look at all of the decorations!  We could not believe how detailed the decorations were.  Every ride, every event, just decorated to perfection.  Our hotel was home to a {HUGE} Christmas tree and a life-size gingerbread house!  Very impressive!!!


And of course, we filled our schedule with character meals and meet & greets. The way her face lights up when she interacts with them is worth the trip in itself! The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is always a must on our list, and all of our favorite rides.  We also made another memory on this trip.  She lost her first tooth.  Side note, if this happens on your trip, please let a cast member or hotel staff member know.  They went out of their way to celebrate this milestone with us. Tinkerbell came to visit and left a gift, and the next day at our meet and greet, Tink talked about the missing tooth!  What a magical memory!!! 


Here are a few pictures from the many more I wanted to share, but these are some of my favs!

CMC_0503-copyCMC_0503-copy CMC_0894-copyCMC_0894-copy CMC_0743-copyCMC_0743-copy CMC_8774-copyCMC_8774-copy CMC_1338-copyCMC_1338-copy CMC_1346-copyCMC_1346-copy CMC_1330-copyCMC_1330-copy CMC_1143-copyCMC_1143-copy CMC_1237-copyCMC_1237-copy CMC_0675-copyCMC_0675-copy CMC_1437-copyCMC_1437-copy CMC_0707-copyCMC_0707-copy CMC_1047-copyCMC_1047-copy CMC_1054-copyCMC_1054-copy CMC_0868-copyCMC_0868-copy CMC_1868-copyCMC_1868-copy CMC_1284-copyCMC_1284-copy CMC_1294-copyCMC_1294-copy CMC_1352-copyCMC_1352-copy CMC_1360-copyCMC_1360-copy CMC_1100-copyCMC_1100-copy CMC_1577-copyCMC_1577-copy CMC_1002-copyCMC_1002-copy CMC_1021-copyCMC_1021-copy CMC_0654-copyCMC_0654-copy CMC_0901-copyCMC_0901-copy CMC_0973-copyCMC_0973-copy CMC_0839-copyCMC_0839-copy CMC_0481---Copy-copyCMC_0481---Copy-copy CMC_0619-copyCMC_0619-copy CMC_1695-copyCMC_1695-copy CMC_1863-copyCMC_1863-copy CMC_1739-copyCMC_1739-copy CMC_1754-copyCMC_1754-copy CMC_1774-copyCMC_1774-copy CMC_1730-copyCMC_1730-copy CMC_1817-copyCMC_1817-copy CMC_1667-copyCMC_1667-copy

Merry Christmas to all of you!



[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Candace Disney McKay Mississippi photographer princess Santa Vacation Tue, 22 Dec 2015 03:16:51 GMT
When it rains, look for rainbows... rainbow1pngrainbow1png 08.22.15

I saw the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen. It was a double rainbow and stretched as far as you could see from north to south. So stunning that I took a picture and posted to Facebook. Ryan even laughed at me "hanging out the window" to get a picture. We were on a trip to pick up a couch that I bought in January and just never had the time to go get. That day was our divine appointment (there can be positive outcomes to procrastination). One of my Facebook friends even commented, "just for you."  It's true, my friends, the Lord spoke to me that day in a way that He often does...through beautiful skies, gorgeous light, sunsets and even rainbows. He has even gone so far as to tie his gorgeous gift of light into my profession. 


Travel back a few months with me...



My darkest day as a mother. A miscarriage. I will never forget the tears that were shed or the heaviness that came over me in the months to follow. I was wrecked. After a couple of months, I felt the Lord speaking to me. I felt Him calling me to be a mother again. I had moments of clarity and purpose that led me to believe that I was meant to love another child. I was meant to care for another little one. More than a life of work in my career (which I adore), I desperately wanted to be a mommy again. There was one problem though. I didn't trust my body. All of this coupled with the pressure of turning 35 just overwhelmed me. I had a plan and becoming a mother again after 35 wasn't part of it. Or so I thought. 



A positive pregnancy test


One hour later, I remembered the double rainbow we had seen exactly one week before. 


A baby born after a miscarriage is often referred to as a "rainbow baby."  I know this because in those days home after surgery, as I scrolled through my FB newsfeed, one of the photographers I follow posted a photo of a baby swaddled in a rainbow assortment of cheesecloth wraps. It grabbed my attention. She talked about rainbows after the storm.


Ezekiel 1:28

"Like the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud on the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness all around. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face, and I heard the voice of one speaking."


Genesis 9:16

"When the bow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth."


In the weeks to come, we were literally surrounded by rainbows. Every. Single. Day.  From friends posting pictures after storms to rainbow stickers that Reese brought to me, to the rainbows that suddenly appeared in her artwork from church and coloring pages at home or school (almost daily). I never made a big deal about her drawing them and she continued to bring them to me.  I even had a dream with a sky full of vivid rainbows and a flash of lightening with a baby's face (like a 4d sonogram image). Were these coincidences?  Nope. What the Lord showed me is that we are always surrounded by His promises. It's just that we don't see them until we are desperately seeking Him. Until we are so scared that we are literally clinging to His promises to get through the hard days...or my most recent struggle, the first trimester. I have worried every single day. We all do as moms. It's part of the gig. 


We worried about telling too soon. At the end of the day, this little life is to be celebrated. And we would have never made it through those dark days earlier this year without the love, support, hugs, and encouragement of our family and friends. We needed your prayers then and we need them now. 


Has the Lord promised me that this baby will be born healthy and happy and that I won't have any complications? No. Although I like to claim it. What He has promised me is that He is a good father and that He loves us. He has a plan for us. He knows what's best for us. I can trust Him and know that He will take care of us.  


I sat in my hairdresser's chair the day I turned 7 weeks. She talked about seafood for 20 minutes and I almost had to share my news with her because I almost shared my saltine cracker breakfast at the thought of the smell of seafood, but I didn't and our conversation (thankfully) turned to another subject. She was sharing one of her personal trials with me and she said "the Lord says He will give us double for our trouble."  The double rainbow. He's a good father and He loves us and if you seek Him and listen carefully, you will find His love and promises surrounding you everyday and everywhere. 


To say we are over the moon (or maybe rainbow) over this baby is an understatement!!!  We love our sweet Reese more than words can say and I am so excited to watch her become a big sister. I have said a million times that I would love to have another one just like her!  We can't wait to welcome our next sweet baby GIRL due May 2, 2016!!!!!'s a GIRL! 


Thank you for your continued prayers!!!

Candace (Ryan and Reese)

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Fri, 16 Oct 2015 02:47:49 GMT
Tea for Two Well, my sweet baby turned five and we celebrated with a Tea for Two party. All of our little guests were invited to bring their baby dolls with them to the party.  We had so much fun!!!  The girls were the sweetest with their dolls...the dolls enjoyed cookies and tea while the girls picked their favorites from a pink and gold spread of tea treats which included pink chocolate covered strawberries, fairy bites, hand-painted cookies, cake and ice cream, pb&j sandwiches, pink tea and pink hot chocolate (yes, pink hot chocolate...recipe below).  

I am always amazed at the talented vendors out there that help me pull these parties together...I have made some great friends over the years and I love the creative process of planning all of these details with each of you. I always like to say thank you and share your fabulousness with friends and family!!!  So, here are some party pics and a list of some of my favorite vendors!  

PS: Since there are so many, give it a few minutes to load before you scroll!

tea_party_illustration_pinktea_party_illustration_pinkGorgeous watercolor for our invitation by Emily McLain

CMC_7289CMC_7289 CMC_7189CMC_7189 CMC_7198CMC_7198 CMC_7214CMC_7214 CMC_7218CMC_7218 CMC_7230CMC_7230 CMC_7235CMC_7235 CMC_7238CMC_7238 CMC_7242CMC_7242 CMC_7313CMC_7313 CMC_7316CMC_7316 CMC_7342CMC_7342 CMC_7350CMC_7350 CMC_7352CMC_7352 CMC_7354CMC_7354 CMC_7362CMC_7362 CMC_7365CMC_7365 CMC_7372CMC_7372 CMC_7376CMC_7376 CMC_7379CMC_7379 CMC_7385CMC_7385 CMC_7421CMC_7421 CMC_7424CMC_7424 CMC_7429CMC_7429 CMC_7440CMC_7440 CMC_7472CMC_7472 CMC_7479CMC_7479 CMC_7481CMC_7481 CMC_7485CMC_7485 CMC_7487CMC_7487 CMC_7490CMC_7490 CMC_7497CMC_7497 CMC_7503CMC_7503 CMC_7933CMC_7933 CMC_7939CMC_7939 CMC_7946CMC_7946 CMC_7947CMC_7947 CMC_7949CMC_7949 CMC_7950CMC_7950 CMC_7953CMC_7953 CMC_7954CMC_7954 CMC_7957CMC_7957 CMC_8027CMC_8027 CMC_7246CMC_7246 CMC_7248CMC_7248 CMC_7254CMC_7254 CMC_7256CMC_7256 CMC_7262CMC_7262 CMC_7266CMC_7266 CMC_7277CMC_7277 CMC_7282CMC_7282 CMC_7299CMC_7299 CMC_7390CMC_7390 CMC_7408CMC_7408 CMC_7512CMC_7512 CMC_7518CMC_7518 CMC_7522CMC_7522 CMC_7524CMC_7524 CMC_7528CMC_7528 CMC_7532CMC_7532 CMC_7894CMC_7894 CMC_7904CMC_7904 CMC_7914CMC_7914 CMC_7962CMC_7962 CMC_7965CMC_7965 CMC_7969CMC_7969 CMC_7973CMC_7973 CMC_7976CMC_7976 CMC_7978CMC_7978 CMC_7982CMC_7982 CMC_7987CMC_7987 CMC_7988CMC_7988 CMC_7990CMC_7990 CMC_7991CMC_7991


CMC_5656eCMC_5656e CMC_5222eCMC_5222e


A special thank you to some super talented folks!  Look them up, they are all amazing!

  • Cake: Carol Fanning
  • Cookies: Palestine Painted Cookie
  • Pottery painting/teacups: Wonderfully Made-Morgan Bailey Jay
  • Catering: Amy's Place (Philadelphia)
  • Flowers: Uptown Flowers
  • Watercolor Illustration for Invites: Emily McLain
  • Party Décor: Shop Sweet Lulu, CakeGirls, and a local craft store
  • Teacups and Teapots: Every antique store and flea market in the state of Mississippi...just kidding, but it was more of a hunt than expected!  A few borrowed pieces from family members, and a few hand-painted pieces to finish it off! 
  • The doll chairs were purchased unfinished here and then I spray painted them to match. 
  • The doll party hats were from an Etsy vendor and I crafted the big girl hats. (purchased plain party hats and added ribbon and pom poms to match the party colors).
  • The tiered teapot stand were a community effort!  I purchased the hardware on etsy and Morgan and I painted the pieces and then her sweet dad drilled the holes and we assembled. I was so pleased with how they turned out!  Tutorial here.

Two new menu items that I tried (they were both crowd favorites):

  • Pink Hot Chocolate {link here}.  I also added about 6 tbsp. of Nesquick on the fly because I am just a crazy good chef like that (LOL).
  • Fairy Bites {link here}

And yes, that is edible glitter on the strawberries and various other items (I used a whole bottle...again, culinary skills are unmatched). You can purchase it here if you want to put it in your cereal everyday or whatever!

That's all of the details I can remember at this point, but I am still in a fog after this party...maybe next year we need to have a party at the movie theater...that sure sounds easier!  If you guys have any questions, let me know!  It's always easier when someone shares details...makes things easier to find sometimes! 

I loved this girly girl party!  I am so thankful that my baby girl will still play along with all of these fun little girl themes!  All of her little friends were just the sweetest with their babies!  It was so precious and so worth all of the planning!  I'm off to enjoy a piece of leftover birthday cake!  Enjoy!!!



[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Tue, 13 Jan 2015 03:04:35 GMT
A Little Disney Magic... Unpacking from our Disney trip this year, it hit me.  She won't always love princesses...she won't always feel swept away by the magic of Disney (at least until she has little ones of her own).  In a few years, these memories will be distant.  I am thankful for the gift of photography in times like these.  Being able to capture the details as I remember them and as she will treasure them is a tremendous blessing.  Enjoy, my little one, for one day you will be too big and too busy for moments like these....


CMC_8414CMC_8414 CMC_8433CMC_8433 CMC_8462CMC_8462 CMC_8511CMC_8511 CMC_8547CMC_8547 CMC_8619CMC_8619 CMC_8550CMC_8550 CMC_8643CMC_8643 CMC_8664CMC_8664 CMC_8695CMC_8695 CMC_8713CMC_8713 CMC_8745CMC_8745 CMC_8989 - EditedCMC_8989 - Edited CMC_9029CMC_9029 CMC_9137CMC_9137 CMC_9229CMC_9229 CMC_9272CMC_9272 CMC_9317CMC_9317 CMC_9330CMC_9330 CMC_9341CMC_9341 CMC_9354CMC_9354 CMC_9407CMC_9407

CMC1236CMC1236 CMC_9467CMC_9467 CMC_9560CMC_9560 CMC_9578CMC_9578 CMC_9598CMC_9598 CMC_9605CMC_9605 CMC_9566CMC_9566 CMC_9633 - CopyCMC_9633 - Copy CMC_9684CMC_9684 CMC_9709CMC_9709
CMC_9779CMC_9779 CMC_9726v2CMC_9726v2 CMC_9798CMC_9798 CMC1240CMC1240 CMC1241CMC1241 CMC1235CMC1235 CMC_8399CMC_8399

We love you, princess!!!

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) candace disney mckay photography princess vacation Tue, 27 May 2014 20:29:07 GMT
Beauty Shoppe! {Limited Edition Sessions} I adore this age with my little girl!  She is so "girly" and so FUN.  She loves dress up and loves to play in makeup.  These are the things I want to remember about her when she's older (and not so into playing with mama).  So, she's the reason for the next round of limited edition sessions.  The goal is to capture as many girly moments as possible!  These sessions will be held on Thursday, February 20th. These spots are super limited!!!!  Only taking a handful of clients.  The session fee is $150 and will include an 11x14 canvas (which will look FAB in a playroom or bedroom)!!!  You can order extra prints, of course!  We recommend these for ages 3-6 (and they will need to be pretty cooperative, so be sure they're on board).  Sitting babies between 6-9 months would probably work well too.

You can grab a spot here:

 Here are a few peeks from this fun little session!  Enjoy!


CMC_2111CMC_2111 CMC_2161CMC_2161 CMC_2271CMC_2271 CMC_2272CMC_2272 CMC_2179CMC_2179 CMC_2281CMC_2281





[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Tue, 04 Feb 2014 23:29:05 GMT
Reese is Four: Under the Sea Party I can hardly believe my sweet baby turned four this weekend!  She decided in May of this year that she wanted to have an Ariel birthday party.  Glad she told me early because a mermaid party in January is no easy feat!  Just wanted to share a few photos (actually a ton) from the party!  A special thank you to some amazing vendors and dear friends who helped make this all come together!  I think I had as much fun planning it as she did partying....almost!

PS: Since there are so many, give it a few minutes to load before you scroll!


CMC_7296CMC_7296 CMC_7302CMC_7302 CMC_7306CMC_7306 CMC_7325CMC_7325 CMC_7323CMC_7323 CMC_7332CMC_7332 CMC_7336CMC_7336 CMC_7340CMC_7340 CMC_7355CMC_7355 CMC_7361CMC_7361 CMC_7368CMC_7368 CMC_7376CMC_7376 CMC_7382CMC_7382 CMC_7386CMC_7386 CMC_7391CMC_7391 CMC_7397CMC_7397 CMC_7412CMC_7412 CMC_7415CMC_7415 CMC_7431CMC_7431 CMC_7435CMC_7435 CMC_7439CMC_7439 CMC_7449CMC_7449 CMC_7450CMC_7450 CMC_7468CMC_7468 CMC_7470CMC_7470 CMC_7478CMC_7478 CMC_7496CMC_7496 CMC_7501CMC_7501 CMC_7518CMC_7518 CMC_7554CMC_7554 CMC_7564CMC_7564


 Getting ready to welcome our last and VERY special guest!  Our most favorite princess, Ariel!  She was in shock!!!!!

Triptych TimelineTriptych Timeline CMC_7618CMC_7618

CMC_7577CMC_7577 CMC_7611CMC_7611 CMC_7614CMC_7614 CMC_7615CMC_7615 CMC_7631CMC_7631 CMC_7651CMC_7651 CMC_7638CMC_7638 CMC_7665CMC_7665 CMC_7675CMC_7675 CMC_7690CMC_7690


A special thank you to some super talented folks!  Look them up, they are all amazing!

Cake and Cupcakes: Tanya Hopper

Cookies: Palestine Painted Cookie

Face painting: Jamielee Breland

Catering: Amy's Place (Philadelphia)

Thank you to my sweet friend, Ariel!  You are amazing and have a big heart for making my princess feel so special!

Party Décor: Shop Sweet Lulu, Michael's, and a local craft store. 

Various hand-crafted items (tutorial links added):

  • star wands-couldn't find a tutorial for these.  I painted dowel rods with two colors and blended them in the center to create the ombre effect.  The toppers are made from two sequin stars hot-glued to the rod.  Tied with ribbon and voila....times 12!!!
  • sequin hangers  *these were a labor of LOVE!!!!!!*
  • gold crowns
  • ombre glitter bottles-my mom did these for me
  • mermaid necklaces -my mom is the mastermind on these-I just helped
  • oyster cookies- same as tutorial except I used Pepperidge Farms Lemon Cookies


They danced away to the Little Mermaid soundtrack and enjoyed dressing up and getting their faces painted....we had a room full of little princess mermaids!  We all had a blast and I wouldn't change a thing!!!!  So proud of my sweet four year old, proud to be her mommy and thankful to be able to celebrate her in such a special way!!!  Thank you to all of our family and friends for loving on my girl!  We love you all:)



[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Ariel Birthday Candace McKay Mermaid Party Sea the Under Mon, 13 Jan 2014 01:05:38 GMT
Dear Santa... I was thrilled when our elf, Chippy decided to bring Reese a happy straight from Santa this week!  His note told us to write a list for Santa and that he would deliver it back to him on his next North Pole flight!  How exciting!!!  I decided to grab my camera to document this special memory for my girl.  It was so precious, I had to share these many adorable expressions with you:)  She really put lots of thought and excitement into her letter (which I wrote and she signed....she learned to write her name this year).  Hope you are all enjoying this special season with your loved ones!!! 


CMC_5988CMC_5988 Thinking....this is very important after all!!! CMC_6013CMC_6013 CMC_6019CMC_6019 CMC_6024CMC_6024 CMC_6027CMC_6027 CMC_6032CMC_6032 CMC_6045CMC_6045 CMC_6046CMC_6046 CMC_6050CMC_6050 CMC_6063CMC_6063 CMC_6070CMC_6070 CMC_6072CMC_6072 CMC_6074CMC_6074 CMC_6088CMC_6088 CMC_6105CMC_6105 CMC_6109CMC_6109 CMC_6112CMC_6112 CMC_6127CMC_6127 CMC_6130CMC_6130 CMC_6131CMC_6131 CMC_6140CMC_6140 CMC_6143CMC_6143 CMC_6148CMC_6148 CMC_6150CMC_6150 CMC_6161CMC_6161 CMC_6163CMC_6163 CMC_6179CMC_6179 CMC_6182CMC_6182 CMC_6222CMC_6222


Merry Christmas!




[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Candace Christmas Dear letter Letters McKay Santa to Thu, 19 Dec 2013 03:53:33 GMT
Disney: Party of Three! DISNEY: PARTY OF THREE!

Thanks for letting me share our recent Disney trip with you!  Not only was this our first Disney trip as a family of three, it was our first real family vacation.  There have been beach trips, but no vacation of this magnitude until now.  This trip was so special to me!  As moms, we spend countless hours planning, preparing and packing trying to make sure that the experience is the very best it can be.  I’ll share with you what worked best for our family for this trip.  Hopefully, as you plan your next Disney trip, some of the things I learned will help you along the way.  I’ve received tons of questions from clients and friends, so here’s my attempt to answer them all at once!

First, we have a little girl, so I knew that this would be a princess centered trip!  She was not impressed with the other characters at all.  The only one she cared to get close to was Minnie!  So, I’m very glad that everything was planned around her favorites at the time.  So, this agenda is super girly!!!

When did you plan the trip?
I started planning our trip in January and was able to make appointments for all of the places on our list.

Did you fly or drive?
We flew.  She did great!  I hate to fly, but it was pretty easy!

Where did you stay?
We chose the Grand Floridian for convenience.  With a three year old, I wasn’t sure what to expect with her regarding naps and how much she could handle.  I wanted to be close for naps, just in case.  We actually napped two of our three park days.  It’s on the monorail which was important to me on this trip with her being so little.  I will say, to us, it was totally worth it!  This hotel was very quiet and absolutely beautiful!  Also, Disney’s Magical Express takes your bags from the airport straight to your hotel room(not the front desk…directly to your room).  You never touch your bags at the airport….awesome!

Did you use a travel agent?
YES!  She was the biggest help and she even saved us money!  I will be happy to share her contact info.  Just shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you!

Did you rent a stroller or take one?
Again for convenience, we rented a stroller from a stroller company (not from the park….I can’t imagine not having it to and from the hotel).  They delivered it to our hotel the day we arrived and we left it with bell services when we left…..easy peasy!  Done!

Did you purchase the dining plan?
YES!  Well worth it…just do it!  Super super easy and plenty of food!

Favorite character meals?
We only planned two character meals…again, first trip with a three year old.  For us, that was perfect!  The big one, Cinderella’s Royal Table, was absolutely wonderful!  She adored it and thought she was one of the princesses!  So special and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything! The second one was a breakfast on the day we left at our hotel (perfect time for a character meal).  The restaurant is 1900 Park Fare.  It features Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, The Mad Hatter, Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh.   Note: Tigger is a hot mess!  He “jumped out on” Reese (as she says it) and scared her to death….I thought she was going to wet her pants….seriously!  She was not a Tigger fan, but LOVED Alice and Mary Poppins.  She actually “told on” Tigger to Mary Poppins, and I am quite sure she took care of Tigger for us;)  Great meal…the pancakes were wonderful!

How many days did you spend in the parks?
We spent three days in the parks.  I heard once (cannot tell you where, I may have even dreamed this) to plan the number of days based on their age (two years=two days, three years=three days, and so on).  Again, no idea where that came from, but three was the absolute perfect number for us!!!  It was just right.

Which parks did you visit?
We spent two days in the Magic Kingdom and one day at Hollywood Studios.  Again, perfect for us!  We almost didn’t do Hollywood Studios, but I am SO glad we did.  It was a full day!  Great shows and the Toy Story Mania ride was awesome (get a fast pass first thing in the morning, they’re gone by lunch)!!!   Of course, there are parades and shows along the way, but here are some of our favorites from our trip:

Magic Kingdom Must Do’s:  Enchanted Tales with Belle, The Voyage of the Little Mermaid ride, Visit Ariel at the Grotto, The Carousel (think we did this at least 10 times), Peter Pan’s Magic Flight (I could’ve done without this one), It’s a Small World, Pete’s Silly Sideshow, Princess Meet and Greet, Mickey Meet& Greet, ***Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique***, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Disney’s Electrical Parade (night parade), and Wishes (fireworks and animation)!  

Hollywood Studios Must Do’s: Toy Story Mania, Muppet Vision 3D, Beauty and the Beast Live, Disney Junior Live, Voyage of the Little Mermaid Show, and Fantasmic (night show…it’s a little scary for the littles, but still a good show). 

What camera equipment did you take?
In addition to my camera, I took an external flash and three lenses.  I took a 50mm 1.4 (a must for all of the crazy low light indoors; also great shooting wide open to eliminate the crowd distractions), a 24-70 2.8, and a 70-200 2.8.  I used the first two the most.  I only used my telephoto lens once.  Next time, I will most likely leave the heavy telephoto at home.  If you aren’t comfortable shooting manually, or don’t want to haul a camera, Disney’s Photo Pass would be a great option!  There are photographers everywhere and you can easily grab one to capture a moment for you….they are literally always there!  Some of the lighting conditions are unpredictable or they may not allow flash.  It would be well worth the money to have them snap some for you. 

A little added magic:
Each night, a princess left a gift in our room which was themed for the next day’s agenda.  For example, Ariel left a gift the morning we went to Hollywood Studios with an Ariel nightgown, Ariel light up wand, Ariel lip gloss, and an Ariel doll.  Cinderella and Snow White left a gift on Magic Kingdom days.  Belle left a special gift on the day we went to the boutique (since she dressed up as Belle).  I hear that the princesses stock up on gifts at the Disney store before your trip (wink…wink).  Those light up toys are about $15 more on site, so it was nice to hand her a $3 light up wand as she pointed to the extravagant cart that wheeled by!  Don’t worry, she got everything she wanted and more…lol!

Capture the moments!
It’s so important to pull out your camera or not be afraid to get the shot.  So many times, I almost put my camera down because I didn’t want to be in the way.  I am so glad that I took the time to either wait my turn and get the shot or run like a maniac down Main Street to race to the front of the castle for my treasured Belle picture.  It’s your vacation; a lifetime of memories will be made in that park!  I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.  Be sure to get plenty of pictures….maybe not 1300 like crazy paparazzi mama here, but get the ones that count….the ones that melt your heart into a puddle!  I have 300 that I will print and treasure forever.  I have looked at them countless times already!!!  Here are a few of my favorites.  It was so hard to pick!  Again, thanks for letting me share.  Happy planning!!!

2012_collage 2013_collage_template another collage four cinderella

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Disney Planning Princess Trip Mon, 29 Apr 2013 20:57:24 GMT
2013 TENTATIVE DATES Mommy & Me Mini Sessions (Philadelphia): April 13
On Sale March 1

Lemonade Mini Sessions (Philadelphia):June 1
On Sale May 1

Fair Mini Sessions (Neshoba County Fair): TBD
On Sale June 7

Sunflower Mini Sessions (Philadelphia):
Around August 4 (Depends on Bloom Schedule)
On Sale July 1

Fall Mini Sessions (Jackson): October 7 (Columbus Day)
On Sale September 2

Fall Mini Sessions (Philadelphia): October 19
On Sale September 2

Christmas Mini Sessions (Philadelphia): November 9
On Sale October 1

[email protected] (Candace McKay Image & Design) Sun, 24 Feb 2013 17:08:27 GMT